Women In Leadership at CA Technologies | Maggie Koh

As part of our “Bring What You Bring – Women in Leadership” blog series, we’re celebrating several of our women in leadership to find out what they bring to the organisation.

Meet Maggie Koh. She’s the Senior Director, APJ People Operations.

What does a Senior Director of People Operations do?

Maggie has a relatively diverse portfolio ranging from leading Talent Acquisition and People Shared Services to Workforce Planning, People Analytics and M&A Integration for the APJ region.

“I work closely with the People Business Partners supporting the different Business Units and countries and my Global People Operations team to ensure these People Services are of value to our People and are delivered in an efficient and effective manner.”

Bring What You Bring

At CA, employees are encouraged to work with one another and build on each other’s strengths to create richer results. This ‘Bring What You Bring’ ethos is spread right across the organisation and when speaking to Maggie about what she brings to CA she told us that her main contributions include resourcefulness and creativity in developing solutions and services to the People team and employees at large.

“At CA, I am given due autonomy and flexibility to perform my job which comes with its fair share of responsibility and accountability. This combination requires me to apply my critical thinking skills yet gives me the opportunity to be resourceful and creative in developing solutions to problems and when implementing new services.”

One piece of advice for current or future Women Leaders

“Be firm in your values, have faith in your strengths and be consistent in your actions advocating these values and leveraging your strengths.”

My female inspiration

Maggie’s inspiration comes from various sources.

“I’ve been blessed to have met different “teachers”, both male and female, whose beliefs and behaviors show me that I can be my own success story through having a positive mindset, adopting a can-do attitude and believing that opportunities and obstacles have their own rewards.”

Women in Leadership qualities

CA Technologies has a set of DNA attributes that align with the Company’s mission – to eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes. While it is important to have a balance of all the DNA traits, Maggie has selected these three which she resonates most in her leadership journey at CA Technologies.

Socially aware, customer centric and creative

“Socially Aware – As APJ region consists of people with diverse cultures and backgrounds, being socially aware makes me more sensitive to the needs and views of others which could be different from my own or my perception leading to better alignment of common objective.”

“Customer Centric – Having a focus on customer needs ensures that my work has a clear purpose and the outcomes are of value to the people who need them the most.”

“Creative – Being creative encourages me to explore different ways of doing things that can benefit the customer and to come up with a solution that enhances their user experience.”

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