A Day in the Life At CA: Kayla Fuller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

CA Accelerator is the internal incubation program of CA Technologies. Part startup, part venture capital and part think tank, the Accelerator is one way CA Technologies encourages internal innovation and barrier breaking within our organization. The CA Accelerator is a unique opportunity to join a big company, but have the feel of working for a startup.

As part of our “Day in the Life” blog series, we’re checking in with some of the people who build and define our latest projects and asking them what it’s like to work on an Accelerator team.

Meet Kayla

Kayla is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for CA and Head of Growth for FreshTracks.io, a CA Accelerator project. She joined the company very recently, working for Freshtracks.io for just a couple of months now out of the company’s Boulder and Denver, CO offices.

“It has only been a few weeks, but I am really loving it here so far! The emphasis on work-life balance is fantastic, and I have a wonderful team.”

Prior to joining CA, Kayla spent most of her career at advertising agencies and brings a diverse background in almost every type of marketing.

We asked Kayla what attracted her to a role with a CA Accelerator.

“I love the startup feel with all the benefits CA has to offer. I get to do innovative, fast-paced work with amazing resources I wouldn’t have access to at a traditional startup. The Accelerator offers the best of both worlds.”

What does a Sr. Product Marketing Manager/Head of Growth do?

“My job is to help FreshTracks.io grow! I do this through marketing, branding and go-to-market strategy.”

A typical day for Kayla starts with an overhead standup where she and the founders review Agile boards and discuss how to move things forward for the day from a strategic perspective. She spends most of her morning in meetings, and the second half of her day creating or planning.

“My favorite part of my job is that strategic and creative thinking I get to put into our product, and our brand as a whole.”

Kayla also loves her location and workspace.

“I love working part of the week in downtown Denver, and part of the week in Boulder. Both locations have such fun office spaces and are close to great restaurants and breweries.”

Photo by Johnathan Koonce (singledegree.format.com)

We asked Kayla what she would say to someone considering a role with a CA accelerator.

“Working for an Accelerator is a blast. It is wonderful getting the best of both worlds. Be ready to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.”

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