A Day in the Life at CA: Principal, Communications

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in Communications at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Principal Communications profile is part of our careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Archana

Archana, Principal, Communications, is very passionate about her work and is an avid writer.

Archana’s Career Story

This is Archana’s 3rd role at CA. Archana has made a real impact on the business at the India Technology Center.

“I had joined in the Solution Knowledge team for the ARCserve product team where I used to work on solution briefs, PPTs and help the SWAT team. When that team was dissolved, I joined the sales operations team where I used to help with Excel sheet for product SKUs. When I came to know that there was an opening in the Corporate Communications team, I applied as part of internal mobility and I have been with the Corporate Communications for 6.5 years.”

Interesting fact: This is Archana’s 2nd innings at CA Technologies. She had worked for 9 months earlier and quit and rejoined.

The Life of a Principal Communications

We asked Archana how she would describe her role as a Principal, Communications at CA and why she loves it.

“I take care of internal and external communications. Internal communication is for employees – taking care of internal branding, communicating the strategy to employees, organizing town halls, helping Executives with their presentations, helping out with site-wide event communication, writing articles for the intranet. As part of external communications, I liaise with the PR agency to arrange for media interactions for executives, write press releases, help with social media postings, write/edit articles, PPTs. I also help with CSR activities planning and CSR budgeting.”


A typical workday for Archana starts with replying to her e-mails and then organizing the top priority tasks for the day, before fetching the first mandatory cup of tea.

When we asked Archana about her favourite part of the job, she told us how she loves to interact with executives, some of whom put in their time and effort in guiding her and giving valuable tips and they feel happy when she succeeds.

“I also love researching, writing and editing articles. Sometimes juniors come to me to ask how to write an article or seek advice and I am always happy to guide them. One of the juniors came to me a few weeks ago to say that his mom asked him to say, “thank you” to me for something I helped him with. In my six years in this role, this was the biggest compliment I thought I got.”

Life At CA

Archana is certainly a fan of the office and the area of the business park. She likes the very neat individual working areas in the office and the clean and green campus.

“Best part of my workspace is the money plant (Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum) that I have on my desk. I feel happy to see the plant growing and when people come to my desk, they say wow such a big money plant, you must be rich :)”

Archana is extremely happy with the benefits that CA offers to its employees. In particular, she is a fan of the benefits that are offered to meet the work-life balance of the employees, which is one reason she loves her #LifeAtCA.

“Overall, I think CA offers great benefits, especially the comprehensive “Health and Wellness” program. One of the benefits that CA offers is the work from home option. Three years ago, when my dad passed away and my mother needed support, thanks to my Manager, I could get additional work from home option to help support my mother. I am truly grateful for this.”


Archana’s Career Advice

Archana would recommend a Principal, Communications position at CA Technologies to anyone who wants to be part of a large global software company with great career opportunities and company culture.

At CA, I have learnt a lot. Especially, in my current role, I can never complain of a dull moment. And there are multiple opportunities as part of internal mobility at CA, to shift and learn and network.”


We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Archana for sharing her Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Principal, Communications! You can follow her on LinkedIn here

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