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Was your new year’s resolution for 2018 to be healthier? Are you one of those people who haven’t given it much thought since? We totally get it – It’s hard to maintain work and wellness. At CA Technologies, it’s a little easier, thanks to the awesome workplace wellness programs we offer.

CA Technologies has relaunched its health and wellbeing strategy across its 2,500 employees in EMEA, expanding its offering to include mental health and resilience components, rather than focusing solely on physical health.

We caught up with Fionnuala Feighan, Senior Regional Compensation and Benefits Specialist, UK and Ireland on what does wellness and wellbeing mean to her and how does she support CA’s employees in her role.

Wellness is about my physical health, and asking myself am I getting enough sleep and exercise, am I eating well? Wellbeing, I feel is more holistic, it includes my physical health but also my emotional and mental health as they are also interconnected. My challenge is to remember this and make sure I am balancing my needs in all three areas, however this can be challenging in a busy life!

CA Technologies provides opportunities for people to focus on their wellbeing while at work and enjoy it. This could be anything from a Pilates class in Barcelona to EMEA wide cycling challenge where we combine the importance of mental and physical resilience, in association with our sponsor, Trek Segafredo’s professional cycling team.”

Fionnuala also shared what CA employees can look forward to over the next few months.

“CA Technologies is continuing to focus on local wellbeing activities in all of the EMEA countries. An exciting follow up to our Trek Segafredo simulator bike challenge is planned, plus some more surprises along the way.”


 Fionnuala explains how she and her team are working towards expanding the definition of wellbeing.

“Wellbeing means different things to different people. For some it may be going for a long walk, but for someone else it may be spending time with friends or giving their time to a charity. We are expanding our definition of wellbeing and linking it closely with our core DNA elements which include collaboration, social awareness and resilience.”

Fionnuala talks about one of her fondest moment in her role at CA and why it was so special.

“World Mental Health Day last year marked the start of the MIND Your Step Challenge EMEA, an innovative four-week app-based challenge that combined physical and mental wellbeing to help boost our mental resilience, enhance our overall health and encourage collaboration. Over the 4-week challenge, the EMEA region took 86 million steps – a distance equal to walking one and a half times around the world. The small team of working mums that won the challenge, walked over 3 million steps and they managed to do this while working full time in demanding roles. My fondest memory was announcing their achievement.”

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Fionnuala Feighan – Senior Regional Compensation & Benefits Specialist, EMEA
Connect with Fionnuala on LinkedIn here


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