Intern At CA: Vasu Sharma

Through our Intern @ CA blog series, we cover the stories of such enthusiastic interns who have joined CA Technologies. Vasu Sharma is a final year student of The UPES College, Dehradun, who had interned with CA as a Cyber Security Developer.

How did you know about CA Technologies?

On asking Vasu about how he came across CA Technologies, he said “My answer to this question is a bit different from those of other interns. CA Technologies is a B2B company which creates products for large enterprises. I came to know about CA Technologies when it visited my college for the first time. And to be honest, once I heard the news of CA visiting my campus I did my research around the company and was very much overwhelmed by its products.

How was the Intern Program selection process?

Fulfilling dreams isn’t very easy and requires hard work and dedication and it is only then that one relishes the fruit of labor. For Vasu, the selection process was intensive but worth it.

“Getting an internship with a corporate that has such a great product base was quite surprising. I never thought of getting into a company this big as an intern, but thanks to CA’s business structure of having a separate business unit for Security, I got the opportunity I was looking for. I have done B-Tech with a specialization in Cyber Security and the company came to the campus for recruitment with a single vacancy in Cyber Security. Fortunately, I was selected for the role after 3 rounds of interviews. The first round was an aptitude assessment which was held on Cocubes, an online platform. This was followed by an online video interview which analyzed my technical knowledge of Java and the details of the projects I had done in the past. The final round was an online HR interview which focused on behavioral and situation-based questions. A week later I was offered an internship with CA technologies as a Developer in the Cyber Security business unit.

What exposure did you receive on your CA Internship?

Internships are there to provide an extensive learning experience which prepares you for the actual challenges you’ll face in the fast-paced, dynamic, competitive and ever-growing industry. This is exactly what CA provided Vasu with as well as such freedom within what he delivered.

He said, “I worked within the Security business unit and was assigned a server-side migration project. Apart from this main assignment, I worked with logarithms for some functionality engraving in existing products. I also took up a project that belonged to a completely different business unit and this was possible because CA gives you the freedom to select, work and learn about any project that interests you”.

How did your assigned CA mentor benefit your Internship experience?

As part of the internship program, it’s crucial interns feel supported through their time at CA. Vasu was no different and spoke positively of the great support he received from his mentor Venky Venkata Swamy Karukuri.

“On the first day of my internship I was introduced to an architect (basically a product designer) named Venky and I feel fortunate to have worked under him. He assigned me to challenging projects and despite his busy schedule, he would arrange for weekly meetings to ensure that I was on the right track. He would guide me around various aspects of technology and life, clearing all my doubts regarding my project and the industry. He introduced me to several experienced colleagues who were a great source of learning for me. The experience of being an intern at CA was unlike any other.”

What do you like most about CA Technologies?

The company believes that in order to hone one’s skills and perform well, employees require a conducive, lively and relaxed environment and that is only possible when people come together and feel like a single unit.

“To be honest, the best thing about the company is the collaborative nature of its employees who make time to respond to queries despite being busy. There is a strong team spirit among the members of staff and a zeal to excel as a team rather than an individual.” says Vasu.

How was the success of your Internship rewarded?

A dedicated and passionate student, a proficient mentor and a jubilant environment make the perfect potion for success. But being appreciated and rewarded makes the success even sweeter. On being asked about the appreciations and rewards he received during his internship, Vasu replied, “I did receive appreciation for the three projects I worked on”. But being offered a permanent role at CA was the biggest reward for him.

“To be honest, getting a pre-placement offer from a product-based company is the best feeling in the entire world for a B-Tech graduate. I was thrilled the moment I received a call from the company saying that I’d been offered PPO. I was overjoyed by the news and I didn’t think twice before agreeing to take the offer.”

What do you like most about the ITC?

Vasu was extremely complimentary of the India Technology Center in Hyderabad and the facilities available. We asked Vasu as to what were the main things about the ITC that made him look forward to coming to the CA campus every day?

His response was, “CA has a great campus with a lot of greenery and open spaces. The workstations are spacious and comfortable and the refreshment station on each floor is loaded all the time. The cafeteria too gives a variety of food options”.

What advice would you offer to those who are currently looking for an Internship?

On being asked as to what he would advise to others on choosing a company to work for, he happily stated, “CA is a B2B company and hence many may not be aware of the brand, but CA has a presence in every sector from banking to e-commerce and other applications. As CA is a product-based company I would recommend aspirants to know about algorithms and data structures from a technical point of view. Also, in terms of why CA is an employer of choice, CA employees enjoy a great work life balance and flexibility at work.”

CA is extremely happy to welcome Vasu to its vast family and wishes him all the success for his career ahead.

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Intern At CA: Udatta Bhattacharya

Roy T. Bennett, self-help writer and author of the famous ‘The Light in the Heart’ was quoted, “Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”

This stands very true for one of CA’s interns, Udatta Bhattacharya. A final year student of The UPES, Dehradun, Udatta always dreamt of working for a company that was a leader in the mainframe development industry and his dream materialized when he got the opportunity to work for CA India.

How did you know about CA Technologies?
On asking him about how he came across CA Technologies, he said “I heard about CA for the first time during the first year at UPES from my Mainframe faculty, when I was intrigued about the Mainframe industry and the companies involved in it. CA caught my attention since it stood out among others when it came to Mainframe based product development. All along, I was determined to pursue Mainframe technologies and got an internship in IBM. During that internship, CA again came up as the major developer of most of the non-indigenous products at IBM. The name CA was held in high regards when Mainframe-based tools were discussed.”

How was the intern program selection process?
But, fulfilling dreams isn’t very easy and requires hard work and dedication and it is only then that one relishes the fruit of labor. Udatta says it was quiet challenging to get through the internship selection process of CA.“The process involved one round of aptitude and technical screenings, one round of technical interview and one round of managerial interview. This process resulted in my selection at CA as an intern in the mainframe business unit. The process was challenging. It made me think, push boundaries, and above all, it tested my mainframe knowledge and skills, which was a unique experience for me since I never had such an experience in other selection processes. It was in this process where my knowledge in my own specialization was evaluated.”

What exposure did you receive on your CA Internship?
Internships are meant to be an extensive learning experience which prepares you for the actual challenges in the fast-paced, dynamic, competitive and ever-growing industry and this is exactly what CA provided Udatta with.

He says, “The role assigned to me during my internship was that of a learner basically. There was a lot on my plate to learn, grasp and be familiarized with. I got introduced to a couple of programming languages namely Assembler and Metal C which are the two major languages used to build and develop the tools. After having a basic idea of the languages, I was assigned 3 projects to have a hands-on with certain DB2 tools such as RC/Merger, RC/Query, and RC/Extract.”

How did your assigned CA mentor benefit your internship experience?
The right learning requires a direction, which only a mentor can provide and every employee at CA is a unique source of information and knowledge. Udatta too was mentored by one of the best at CA and he feels extremely lucky to be a part of such a supportive and helpful team. This is what Udatta had to say about his mentoring experience:

“I was mentored by Lokesh Patel, who is a member of my team i.e. DB2 Rangers. He guided me through the entire process of building DB2 tools, especially the languages used. He helped me set up my development environment along with Sridhar Pratik in the same team. He also guided me whenever I got stuck or had difficulty understanding something. Overall, he introduced me to my work and in a way, helped me kickstart my professional life. Since I wasn’t familiar with these languages before joining CA, I needed some help, reference and guidance from people using the languages, and was fortunate enough to have a mentor who is an absolute expert in the field. I got a bit of both appreciation and encouragement from the Product Owner Srinivas Adupa, who’d set milestones for me to reach and guided me through to those. My work wasn’t perfect, hence he pointed out my flaws and let me improve upon them.”

What do you like most about CA Technologies?
Learning is just not limited to skills at CA. The company believes that in order to hone one’s skills and perform well, people require a conducive, lively and relaxed environment and that is only possible when people come together and feel like a single unit.

“The thing I liked the most about the company is the work culture. It is apparent from the satisfaction and enthusiasm the people have working around me. I became familiarized with the Scaled Agile Framework and was made a part of a team and as a result, as well as shared a strong professional bond with all its members. This provided a huge motivation to work collaboratively and never feel isolated from the entire process. They’ve guided me through all my difficulties, and the best part, made me feel comfortable working with them as soon as I joined the team.” says Udatta.

How was the success of your internship rewarded?
A dedicated and passionate student, a proficient mentor and a jubilant environment make the perfect potion for success. Post two months of persistent efforts and endeavor, Udatta finally was rewarded for his hard work with an offer to become a permanent and integral part of CA Technologies.

“I received a Letter of Intent for a permanent job at CA after two months of my internship, which was of course based on my performance at the company during my internship. I felt that this was the biggest appreciation or reward of what I had contributed so far and adding to that, the result of all my preparations during the college days to get this dream job. Initially, I had a bit of self-doubt about my performance as an intern as to whether I’d be able to live up to what was expected of me. Rather, the job offer came as a satisfactory answer to all such questions.”

What do you like most about the ITC?
People are frequently asked whether they like what they do and generally, the answer is a halfhearted yes. A knowledgeable person once said the best way to gauge this is to notice if you wake up in the morning looking forward to going to work. If yes, you and your company are set for success. CA takes pride in being that company. We asked Udatta as to what made him look forward to coming to the CA campus every day?

His response to this was “The best part about my office is the fact that it has every facility that you look for in a workplace. It has a perfect balance of everything required. Honestly, during these first few days, I tended to spend more hours at work and didn’t really feel like leaving the campus. The building has a positive vibe of welcoming you to spend a good portion of your day and be productive to the best of your abilities. To back that up, there are the facilities. Up until now, I’ve been regularly visiting the gym and the cafeteria. At times my team goes for a cricket match in the field and I enjoy a game of table tennis with my colleagues occasionally. These really contribute a major part to my physical and mental health.”

What advice would you offer to those who are currently looking for an internship?
Udatta has truly set an example for other students who aspire to work at CA as interns and employees. He is the first student from his college to have received an opportunity to work for CA technologies and post his experience at CA, more and more students from his college aspire to follow the path taken by him.

On being asked as to what would he advise to others on choosing a company to work for, he happily stated, “My only message to the aspirants would be to always stay positive because good companies like CA Technologies do exist. CA Technologies, unlike many other companies, values your specialized skills and provides the chance to build your careers upon them. I chose mainframe and CA gave me the perfect platform to kickstart my career on a high note. Further, I’d advise them not to take their specializations for granted or lose hope in it. Because in CA, these specialized skills are valued to a great extent and these may lead to you ending up with your dream job.”

CA is extremely happy to welcome Udatta to its vast family and wishes him success for his career ahead.

If you too want to work for a happy company like CA and are ready to bring what you bring to an internship at CA, learn more and search our open positions here,  or see if we’re coming to your campus.

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Mahima Bararia– Marketing Specialist,
Talent Acquisition, India
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A Day in the Life at CA: Melissa Delapaz-Smith, Lead Teacher, CA Montessori Children’s Center

Melissa Delapaz-Smith, Montessori Teacher, Day in the Life At CA

What it’s like to work as a Lead Teacher at a CA Montessori Children’s Center

 We’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by introducing some of the outstanding Teachers at our company-subsidized, on-site Montessori Centers, which CA has provided for the past 25 years in our larger global offices for the children and family members of our employees. This profile of one of our Montessori Lead Teachers is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

 Meet Melissa

Melissa Delapaz-Smith, Lead Teacher, CA Montessori Children's CenterMelissa Delapaz-Smith is a Lead Teacher at the CA Children’s Montessori Center in Islandia, NY, where she has been teaching for almost 16 years. She has always enjoyed spending time with young children such as her cousins, nieces, nephews and friends, so it was only natural that she became a teacher. When she was a student at Stony Brook University, she volunteered at an on-campus preschool. That’s when she saw an ad for an open house at the CA Montessori Children’s Center.

“I saw that it was a Montessori setting and it was something I was very interested in, having gone to a Montessori school myself as a child.”

Outside of work, Melissa has two daughters, ages 9 and 12, who dance competitively and play softball. Her husband is also a teacher who works with children who have autism and does early intervention.

“Our family is fully supportive of each other, so we are always there for our girls, going to their dance competitions and softball games.”

Melissa and her family, who live in Long Beach, also love to spend time outdoors riding bikes, running on the boardwalk, or going to the beach. They are also huge Yankees fans and love going to baseball games as often as they can!

An average day at work

Melissa, who is often the first teacher to arrive, starts her day by greeting the children and their parents. She sets up her classroom and talks to parents about the morning or anything eventful that happened the night before. The children then help get breakfast ready and eat. By 9:15, breakfast is cleared and the children start choosing activities to work on.

For the remainder of the morning, she presents lessons, takes notes and makes observations. The children go outside to play while Melissa takes her lunch break. After lunch she helps them clean up and get settled into the afternoon work cycle. Children who are not napping choose activities, then she typically works with kindergarteners in smaller group lessons.

By 3:15, the kindergarteners leave the classrooms for their specials. On Thursdays, she teaches them science, where they utilize the center’s certified outdoor classrooms, weather permitting. When weather doesn’t permit, lessons take place in the science classroom, where she has been incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineer and math) subjects. The children then usually leave between 5 and 6 p.m.

“I love the age group that I teach. Part of the Montessori philosophy is mixed ages in a classroom, and in my classroom, the children’s ages range from 3 to 6 years old … I enjoy watching the older children take [the toddlers] underneath their wings, and they want to help them so much.”

The Montessori Center

We asked Melissa what her favorite part of the center is.

“I think that one of the best things about our center is that it is so family oriented. Many of the staff members have been working here for over 10 years. We have families who have had all of their children in the center and some of those former students are now in college. I have students that I taught who are now in high school, some in college as well, and some I keep in touch with.”

She also loves her classroom.

“The best part about my classroom is that I know the parents feel like they are not just dropping off their children with a babysitter. They know that the children are feeling loved and cared for, but they are also learning and they are getting life skills like independence, self-help and love of learning to prepare them for the future.”

CA Montessori Children's center classroom, Islandia, NY

CA benefits

Teachers at our Montessori centers enjoy the full range of CA Technologies benefits. What is Melissa’s favorite?

“I honestly have to say that for me the best CA benefit is the Montessori Children’s Center. And I am not saying this because I work there. I was able to bring both of my girls to work with me every day from the time they were 3 months old. My managers and team members were so supportive of me, as I was also breastfeeding. I was able to step out of the classroom so that I could go downstairs and nurse.”

She also found CA and the CA Montessori Children’s Center to be very supportive when her family was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“I was able to take time off I needed and our family also received donations of clothing, supplies and emotional support. It was such a difficult time, but we were able to get through because of such support and caring.”

Why CA?

We asked Melissa what she would tell teachers wondering what it’s like to work for a school subsidized by a tech company, as opposed to a more traditional setting.

“It is such a unique environment, but I believe there are many benefits to being part of a tech company versus a school district. We are able to have all of the benefits CA employees have. We are also not restricted to take vacation during regular school vacations; we can take vacations at any time during the year.

“It is more of a family environment, instead of spending September through June with the children, you get to work with these children and their families for two to three years and really get to know them. I think you take an important role in shaping these children’s minds and really become a part of their families.

“I truly love what I do and the impact I have on these children’s lives. I feel fortunate to work for a company that places an importance on balancing work and family life.”

If you’re interested in teaching at a CA Montessori Children’s Center, search here or create a custom job alert to get notifications on teacher roles that match your search.

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A Day in the Life at CA: Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

From sales to salsa, learn how Pedro is breaking barriers every day

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager, is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Pedro came to CA 13 years ago with a sales background in the distribution industry, having worked with global firms such as Arrow Electronics and AT&T. He started working tele-leads at CA’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in Tampa, FL, before moving to the Channel Sales team and Digital Sales Partner account management.

Recently, the Florida Department of State recognized Pedro with a Florida Heritage Award – presented annually to citizens who have made long-standing contributions to Florida’s cultural heritage, and honor the state’s most influential tradition bearers for excellence, significance and authenticity.

For more 20 years, Pedro has served as a bandleader and the driving force behind the Tampa Bay Area’s salsa scene, delivering original arrangements, fresh energy and the best of Latin music repertoire. He was born in Santiago de Cuba, but fled with his family in the freedom flights from Havana to Miami.

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

After settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Pedro developed an interest in music and began playing trumpet. He came of age as salsa began to coalesce among Puerto Rican and Cuban musicians in New York. He shared the stage with Latin music giants like Eddie Palmieri, Roberto Torres, Jose Fajardo and began performing with the progressive group, Cuba Song, with Edwin Bonilla who is known for his decades-long run with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.

Pedro’s group, Orquesta INFINIDAD, has performed twice at the Super Bowl, as well as at the Clearwater Jazz Festival, House of Blues, in a Netflix film and in many local festivals.

We asked Pedro a few questions about his job at CA and his music. Here’s what he had to say.

1. How do you contribute to eliminating the barriers between ideas and outcomes for our customers?
I take the time to work with our Partners and internal teams to understand the different perspectives, possibilities and human factors that are specific to a challenge. Based on that, I translate a vision into an approach, and present it in a way that produces desired actions through individuals and groups.

2. Why is it important that we all “bring what we bring” to contribute different and unique perspectives?
This brings to mind the story of blind men describing different parts of the same elephant. Each based their response on the section that was immediate to them, and each was different. By bringing and discussing different perspectives, we can come to more fully understand the bigger picture and how to more effectively approach solutions.

3. Tell me a bit about how you’re bringing it outside of work with your recent 2018 Florida Folk Heritage award.
I bring a vision of the level of excellence that we are trying to achieve, and understand that it takes work. This, coupled with realistically addressing the details with sincere communication, has helped me to consistently produce harmonious outcomes!

4. How does music help inspire you to do great work at CA?  
It is very satisfying and makes me happy – which makes for more positive work all-around. It also teaches that consistency requires discipline for a smooth outcome. Through improvisation, it demonstrates that anyone can make stuff up… but to make it right, it takes work.

5. Why is it important to you that you’re making a difference – both at home and at work? How are the two related?
They are both in their own way “family” and I always look bring my best to both. When I do that every day – I feel alive, happy and ready to face any challenge that comes my way.

For more information on the Heritage Awards ceremony, click here. Watch Pedro’s interview with Lissette Campos on ABC News, here.

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A Day in the Life at CA: Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

Ryan Phillipowsky, CA Digital Presales Engineer

Insight on what it’s like to work in Digital Presales at CA

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of one of our Digital Presales Consultants is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is relatively new to CA – he’s been working as a Digital Presales Consultant in the Plano, TX office for around seven months.

What exactly does a Digital Presales Consultant do?

“I help large organizations resolve their day-to-day IT challenges by introducing them to software solutions and industry best practices.”

Always learning

A typical day for Ryan starts with morning coffee, returning emails and prepping for customer calls.

“Work is actually pretty fun for me. My days consist of customer demos, and surprisingly, learning. Continually learning while on the job is a huge upside for me. I’m always excited to learn more about my area of focus, as it allows me to offer additional insight and value to our customers.”

The best part of the job

Ryan say the best part of the job is interacting with customers.

“I love going onsite and interacting with our clients in their own environment. This personal interaction not only allows me to properly contextualize the needs of our clientele, but it also contributes to a more trusting and productive working relationship with our consumers.”

The workspace

Ryan enjoys the collaborative layout of the Plano office.

“Having an enclosed yet open work area is awesome. It accommodates for needed privacy should my schedule be demanding, while still allowing me to openly interact and socialize with my coworkers.”

Desk of Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

However, he says his favorite part of the office is the people he works with.

“We’re a healthy mix of professional and silly, which makes the office environment equally fun and productive.”

Bring What You Bring

We asked Ryan what he feels is the best CA benefit.

“CA fosters quite a unique and inclusive work environment. Unlike most corporations, CA is incredibly considerate of family dynamics, personal growth or hardship, and all else that comes with being ‘you.’ My manager has been a wonderful representative of all that makes CA a desirable place to call ‘work’.”

Room to grow

We asked Ryan why someone might want to consider working for a B2B technology company like CA over a more well-known brand such as Google or Microsoft.

“Unlike other tech giants, CA continually shows a vested interest in their talent and our personal successes. We have the resources of a global company with a culture that encourages longevity and career progression.”

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A Day In The Life At CA: Senior Director, CPM & Mainframe

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in Customer Portfolio Management at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This profile is part of our careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Neil Hardiman, Senior Director, CPM & Mainframe

Neil has been working for CA for last seven years in the Customer Portfolio Management (renewals) and Mainframe teams.

Neil’s Career Story

While Neil has an engineering background, he has spent more than 25 years of his professional life looking after large customer relationships through sales and marketing roles.

“I was educated as an engineer so problem-solving is in my DNA. From selling mining truck fleets at Caterpillar to very large backup power systems (Hawker), telco infrastructure (Fujitsu),  IT projects (Fujitsu & Unisys) and finally to software at CA. It took me a while to find my way to software but I feel this is where I belong.”


Life of a Senior Director in Customer Portfolio Management & Mainframe

As a Sr. Director, Neil is responsible for the CA contract renewals business and new mainframe business unit sales in Australia & New Zealand.

One of Neil’s favorite parts of working at CA is his team – “I have an awesome team. We all work well together and I enjoy coming to work every day. I’m lucky to have such a great team – they make me look good! I can’t ask for more than that.”

“We are generally involved in all the large and complex customer transactions, which can create a high-pressure environment. The team thrives on this and we never lose sight of our ‘Mission Essential’ motto that reminds us that with the growth of the application economy, large organizations are committed to the mainframe more than ever and it is our role to help them maximize their value from this business-critical platform.”

Email and Salesforce are the tools that dominate my day but, call me old school, I have a handwritten to do list that I revisit every morning, rewrite and reprioritize. The manual routine of rewriting the list brings a sharper focus to those important but low priority tasks that keep getting pushed out. My to-do list is always long and ever-changing but I get great pleasure in crossing things off the list as DONE.”

Life at CA

Neil likes to keep fit and healthy and appreciates the great on-premise gym and shower facilities at his CA Sydney office, as he regularly cycles to work.

“Like any capital city, Sydney peak hour traffic is bad. Cycling to work instead of driving only adds 10 minutes to my commute and the challenging hills keep me fit. The best bit of my cycle commute is the glorious Sydney harbor views I get to enjoy along the way.

Neil feels that CA has some great onsite childcare facilities that his team members get great benefit from. In fact, one of his team members who has been with CA for more than 16 years, started her career at CA as a preschool teacher.

Neil has also attended the company’s Compass Club for top Sales performers on two occasions (Africa & Europe) and feels that this is a fantastic way of recognizing not only individual achievements but also the support of the families in achieving those goals

Neil’s experience at CA

I feel at CA you can make a difference. I don’t feel like a small cog in a big wheel. Despite being on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia, I feel I have full access to anyone in the company.


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Why I Joined CA Technologies Germany?

Meet Volker Zinser. He recently joined CA Technologies as a Senior Solution Strategist for Cyber Security. We caught up with Volker to hear why he joined the Security business at CA Germany.

What were you doing before you joined CA?

Before joining CA Technologies, Volker’s career started as a verification engineer. He’s career thus far has seen him transition his career into sales and has seen becomes success in multiple Presales Consultant and managerial roles in the Security Software business.

“During the years, I accepted different roles with leading security companies like Kaspersky as Head of Sales.”

Why was CA so appealing to you?

Volker mentioned that he was in contact with two other security vendors as well as CA. He decided to join CA as he enjoyed the whole candidate experience and felt the opportunity was the best for his career.

“CA made me feel that they really want me to grow something great.”

What was the biggest reason for you joining?

Aside from having friends at CA with 12 years’ tenure, and hearing about the positive experience, Volker’s biggest reason for joining was the challenge.

“The challenge to enter a market which is and will be always to me the best to work in.”

How has life at CA started for you?

Volker has thoroughly enjoyed the start of his career at CA Technologies, explaining that he loves how CA feels like working for a start up in a big company.

“There are so many things to do. After the first few months, I feel like I have found a new home and that I want to be here for the future.”

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering joining CA Technologies?

With CA’s employer brand, ‘Bring What You Bring’ we asked Volker what do people need to bring to CA Technologies?

“If you are energetic and happy to roll your sleeves up, come in and do something great.”

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Volker Zinser – Snr Solution Strategist
(Cyber Security), Munich
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How Apt Job Descriptions Make a World of Difference

How to write Job Descriptions


Does a good job description tempt you to apply for a Job? To me it does as a job seeker, I would apply to a role that is more appealing and makes me believe – Yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Every candidate prefers to know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated. Job descriptions are a point of departure for recruitment process. It is a document that helps a candidate set expectations and get an insight into compensation, training, selection and performance management.

A well – engrossing job description briefs out the mastery, skills and potential required to execute a job successfully. A beneficial job description functions as a premise for developing interview questions, executing performance evaluations, setting objectives, pay rise and career growth.

And most importantly, a job description is no longer a representation of a role’s responsibilities. Today, job descriptions serve as a marketing platform to attract talent. One should be thoughtful about the company profile and job description to ensure it speaks about the values, mission and culture of the organization.

There are few other secrets that help a candidate apply for a job like a human voice in the job description, no one wants to work for a robot. Hence one must look for a JD infused with a voice and personality of the company. A company logo or brighten graphics, proper spelling, grammar and a neat format are always essential and must not be overlooked by a candidate.

While there have been a lot of traditional ideas about Job descriptions, following are a few tips a candidate must look at to analyze a good job description –


  • Job Title

An apt job title that suits the market standards, the title and level accurately reflects the work that the employee will perform. A job title mirrors the industry standards and organization’s culture.

  • Basic Info

A list of basics is highly critical for a candidate and a recruiter. These are the standard sections that are important for job seekers. These typically are – Job code, Department, Band, Title of Supervisor, Technology, Location, Salary Range (If your company has this).

  • Summary

This is to define the nature and overall purpose of the job. A candidate must focus on analyzing the general overview of the position through this attribute.

  • Key Responsibilities

The most critical attribute that helps you realize if you are a fit or not to apply. This section explains the day-to-day core job. To start with, this includes the essential functions of the position that are 5% or greater of the employee’s workload which are always listed in order of importance.

  • Job Qualifications

This section majorly includes the minimum requirements of the job position. The job qualifications can be further broken down into Education, Experience, Communication skills, Technical proficiencies/Certifications, Supervisory Experience (If required)

  • Physical Requirements

It is of prime importance that a potential candidate must know what they physically have to do in the job and in what environment. Employers list the physical requirements so those with disabilities or physical limitations can judge whether they can perform the job as-is or with reasonable accommodation.

  • Brand Awareness

This is a feature that has not been utilized by most of the organizations yet. In order to understand how creative and versatile a company is you must look for the add-on attractions like a company logo, link to join the talent community, a short video about the company and a list of accomplishments of the organization. One must always notice how the company brands itself.


Lastly, look for the precise directions on how to apply. A cumbersome process may run you off. Thus, look for streamlined instructions. A good job description can have a great impact on the candidates irrespective of the following hiring experience. I personally believe that a great job description is a Win-Win situation for the candidate, recruiter and the organization. It not only helps a candidate understand the right job but also helps an organization to hire the right candidate.


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Harjeev Arora - CA Technologies

Author: Harjeev Arora

Researcher, Talent Acquisition – APJ

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Why Diversity Makes You the Best That You Can Be at Work

At CA Technologies, we believe that innovation and invention are the by-products of an inclusive and diverse workplace. Behind each of our breakthroughs is a group of thinkers—a team of individuals who examine challenges from every possible angle. We consider our employees’ diversity of thought, background and experience—as well as our inclusive workplace—to be our strongest assets. Within our UKI Sales organization, inclusion and diversity is paramount to our success. We believe diversity makes you the best that you can be at work.

Amazing women in our Sales Team

Earlier this month we announced the promotion of Fleur Bamber to lead our Agile Central and Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Sales team for the UK & Ireland region. Not only is Agile Software a key area of investment for us at CA Technologies, it is also a mindset and approach we need to adopt to keep ahead of our competition – we strive to continuously improve upon what we do and what we offer our employees – especially in areas such as career development and career progression. Fleur joined CA Technologies in 2012 where she worked as a Sales Specialist for our PPM solutions, before moving into our Platinum Accounts team managing a set of major Enterprise customers. Her dedication to our customers, strong successes in each of her roles and passion for Digital Transformation solutions such as Agile Central made her the ideal candidate for the role.

Fleur joins our UK & Ireland fully diverse Sales Leadership team, alongside other key leaders such as Tamar Brooks (Sr. Director, Enterprise Management solutions) – who followed a similar route as Fleur from quota-carrying Sales rep into a Leadership role – and Louise Ashbrook who joined in March 2016 from EMC to drive our strategic growth and expand our routes to market as Sr. Director for Partners & Channel UK & Ireland.

‘Bring What You Bring’ – Hannah brings her own individuality to CA every day


Celebrating her 1 year anniversary within CA Technologies is Hannah Preston, who joined our specialist Payment Security solution sales organization. Hannah spoke about her thoughts on Diversity in general, and about her observations on how CA Technologies embraces Diversity and Inclusion:

[av_testimonials style=’grid’ columns=’2′ interval=’5′ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=” custom_class=”]
[av_testimonial_single src=’2500′ name=’Hannah Preston’ subtitle=’Solution Strategist – Payment Security Division’ link=’http://’ linktext=”]

“Diversity to me, is my human right to be my own person, to have my own beliefs, to feel proud of my personality, the permission to value my experiences and achievements regardless of my gender, social background or anything else for that matter which is not a judgement of my capabilities. All diversity really means is the understanding that every individual is unique.”

“CA truly embraces the concept of diversity, in the sense it understands that every individual is unique which also extends to its customers and partners. CA has developed a culture and working environment around this fact. It’s a place where everyone is valued, trusted and empowered. It’s a place that says you can be you and you can be proud of yourself. We believe in you!”



Diversity makes our business more valuable

Enhancing Diversity across our business increases growth, performance and success through enhanced business innovation and creative competency. It also enables us to provide our clients with the highest level of service, which is relevant and aligned to their business agenda.

Here at CA Technologies, Diversity and Inclusion is not a passing phase, nor a fad. We see this as an essential part of our strategy now and forever, continuing to place an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion. This initiative falls outside of our organization by supporting those exceptional people who work in our customers and partners. We will continue to sponsor The Women in Sales Awards and the Everywoman in Technology Awards supporting and recognizing the shining stars in the industry! We will also continue to inspire the next generation of women stars in the industry, through our Create Tomorrow initiative.

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We believe diversity makes you the best that you can be at work - James Watson

Author: James Watson
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, EMEA Sales
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5 Of The Best Questions Interviewers Love To Ask At An Interview

Candidate Toolkit Interview Tips

There seems to be so much focus on the questions a candidate should ask an interviewer at an interview that I thought I’d turn the tables and share some of the interview questions I like to ask people when they interview with me:

1. “Tell me about a big project which had a major impact on you.”
This is your opportunity to communicate a story to me.  Are you able to articulate what the project was all about, or do you hit me with a bunch of jargon?  What role did you play in the project?  Did the project have a negative or positive impact on you, your team, the company etc.  Were you helping to influence and make change?  Being able to articulate clearly and concisely during an interview and in professional life is important.  Knowing what details to include or exclude says a lot about you.  Just know that if you give me a solid 20 minute monologue, I’m likely to glaze over before determining that your ability to verbally present an executive summary is weak.

2. “If you could work again on an identical project, what would you do differently?”
This should be an easy one, right?  If you always have an eye on continuous improvement, this is your chance to describe how you can reflect on your work and the work of others and make suggestions for delivering better or differently next time.  Be careful with your response though.  Saying “I could communicate better” is likely to lead me to ask “what do you mean by that?”  Saying you wouldn’t do anything differently suggests perfection, and very few projects and situations run perfectly with zero learning points.  This is your chance to be analytical and humble – make sure you take it.

3. “How have you developed yourself in the last 12 months?”
I always want to hire smart people who take responsibility for driving their own success, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to positively impact them.  People either light up at this question, eager to share the details of their development plan or you can see a look of “oh no” in their eyes as they give a weak overview of a networking lunch they recently attended.

4. “How do you deal with frustrations in your role, so they don’t negatively impact your work and results?”
Everyone gets frustrated at work from time to time – being frustrated makes us human!  How you navigate these challenges and hurdles speaks to the kind of person you are.  You might be someone who shies away from confrontation, or you might be someone who attacks it head on.  I’m trying to understand what frustrates you and evaluate if that’s a deal-breaker for the role you’re interviewing for.  I’m trying to understand how you might collaborate to solve issues.  I’m trying to gauge your resilience and tolerance.  When it comes down to it, we face issues every day that need to be solved – how you approach these issues can be just as important as how you solve for them.

5. “What’s important to you in your next role?”
Recruitment is all about making a good match and making sure that hiring managers and candidates are happy they got a good deal.  This gives you a chance to let me know what’s critical to you and it allows me to circle back with the hiring manager to ensure we can meet your expectations if you’re the person we want to hire.

For me there are no right or wrong answers during an interview.  This is a chance for you to know more about the role, the Company and the people you will be working with and form opinions of those.  Equally it’s my opportunity as the interviewer to try and match you to a role that will make you both successful and happy.  Good luck!




JulieMcdowellAuthor: Julie McDowell
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